Ann Vole (annvole) wrote in my_ctech_into,
Ann Vole

First Day

Dr Rebecca Caines, the teacher for this course, has a beautiful Australian accent. She introduced the course as a possible entry course for a new degree program to be added to the Fine Arts department in Creative Technologies. The course counselor mentioned this future option too but my mind was still irritated that the music program courses were all full. It was also suggested that such a degree course could take a lot of courses in computer technologies as part of the degree. Now I am very seriously looking to go that route. A survey of what sort of educational goals and interests of the students revealed they were very kindred spirits. Mixing art and geek was not only common but embraced by my fellow students. Rebecca told of her history in creative technology and I was surprised that music styles like hiphop and dubstep were central. I never really followed electronic music beyond Brian Eno so really was unaware of how much of a social impact the movements behind these styles had on people. I was also unaware of the role of technology in moving these styles from the rich to the poor to bring a sense of empowerment and freedom. My whole life has been a driven striving for the tools to create freedom and a voice for the unheard oppressed.
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